“I very much enjoyed my vacation at Mohonk.  One of the classes I enjoyed most was Yoga with Lana.  I haven’t taken yoga classes for many years, Lana was by far one of the best teachers I’ve encountered. Her class is doable for all levels, from beginner to advanced.  Her instructions for poses are clear and she provided alternate poses for those of us with injuries or health problems.  I have arthritis in both knees, so making adjusted poses is necessary.  Lana also paid attention to our breath-work throughout the class.  It is one of the most important components in yoga but many teachers lack this important part. As a result the benefit of her class was even more astounding.  I felt great after the class-very flexible and more centered.  I hope guests will take avail themselves of this opportunity.  If you’ve never tried yoga before, a class with Lana is a wonderful way to start.”

-Jean D’Amico

“We thoroughly  enjoyed Lana’s Date Night Yoga class.  It was a gentle and loving combination of partner stretching and Thai yoga bodywork. This was new to both of us and Lana kept it simple and enjoyable. We left feeling very relaxed and cared for by our partner. We plan on attending another session soon.”

-Kate and Ethan Ladof

“Being in Lana’s class is a rewarding experience. Her easy-going approach and soothing manner are in sync with her methodology, and the combination is fully gratifying. She will guide you through the poses with expert timing and attention to detail, and you will not feel rushed or pressured in any way. With her assurance and her guidance, your practice will give you what you need and you will leave feeling refreshed, energized and peaceful. 🙂

-Karen Strang

“Last weekend my wife and I attended Lana’s Date Night class at Vitality Yoga.  The paradox of yoga is that it is often times a solitary pursuit explored in a group setting or alone.  A partner yoga class was appealing because it would provide us with the opportunity to learn new methods of strength and flexibility training and more importantly serve as a vehicle for awareness.  Lana demonstrated novel approaches to yoga that can only be done with a partner.  Her instruction was attentive, well versed and playful.  It occurred to me as I sat on the floor back to back with my wife twisting my spine, stretching my erector spinae as I did the same for her, that this class is a vehicle for exploring these solitary endeavors together.  We were discovering information about ourselves, and each other, simultaneously.

I felt a connection to Melinda that I recently missed.  Our busy lives distance us from each other and ourselves, which of course is what draws us to the practice of yoga.  Asanas give us greater awareness and when you practice them in contact with a partner you learn and grow together.

After class it occurred to me that this rendezvous in a dimly lit room with soothing music was more spiritually nourishing than an evening at Fish and Game sipping Sancerre and eating blue points.”

-Peter and Melinda Beuf

We had such a fun time connecting in a mutually hands-on way. We have been practicing yoga together for a million years, taking classes together, and we always would go home and talk about the class, the teacher, choice of sequences, adjustments, since way back. So yoga has always been a way for us to spend time together, and share an interest, which is important for couples. I think that for a relationship to work, there has to be a shared fierce need for independence and separation to do their personal thing, as well as mutual interest in some activities, or pursuit of knowledge that the two share, and a strong physical connection that has to be nurtured, not only sexually, but also lots of casual touching without a sexual agenda that continues the chemical attraction between the two, like tending a fire.

since I’ve been teaching I have adjusted Keri at home while trying to learn adjustments, as well as in my classes, and I would often try out adjustments in class with her and she will later be brutally honest about it. But that is me touching her. Your amazing date night practice gave her a chance to do me, which was a profoundly new experience in the yoga context, and was a way for us to tend the fire of our physical relationship, in a light-hearted way, but also very deeply physical at the same time.”

-Michael and Keri Gould

“I have been practicing in Lana’s different class offerings for a few years now, primarily Vinyasa and hot yoga.  Lana provides a yoga experience that is a balance of breath, physical movement, meditation and she always comes with a *smile*.  Lana provides a gentle guidance allowing each student to practice comfortably with what feels right to their body.  Her class is a safe, supportive environment.  If a student wants to push their limits and go a little deeper, she will always have a tip that can help.   There is an element of lightness but challenging yourself is encouraged!   She has a refreshingly warm and welcoming vibe and the joyfulness that comes through in her yoga instruction enhances my practice every time.”

-Kimberly F.

“In a word Lana’s classes are calm. Whatever energies are rushing through your mind, and manifesting in tight muscles, racing thoughts, and mindlessness, all subsides the second you enter child’s pose and hear her voice. Especially for beginners or whoever might be uncomfortable in a room, like I was when I first started my practice at SUNY New Paltz, this is essential for coming into your body during class and getting back on the mat after your first class.

Still, I hesitate to use the word calm because Lana’s classes are more than just a day at the spa. You do not enter a calming and relaxing space (although the studio can create that) but Lana molds your body to serve as your own sanctuary during class that you can take with you. She constantly, yet compassionately challenges you in every posture so that you begin to do so in your own thoughts and personal practice. This freeing and loving mindset leaves the mat with you and carries into all aspects of life. I find myself sending my breathes to my low belly when in uncomfortable conversations/situations, lengthening through the top of my head when feeling shy/small, making freeing sounds when walking around with some stress, and grounding myself in my chair, or my feet when I feel like I’m ready to run.
In the studio space, a community for learning and love of yoga and each other always seems to miraculously fall into place in the duration of Lana’s class. I always feel that I’m going further in my spiritual/mental/physical/emotional practice when she drops her pearls of wisdom and I am so thankful for the tools that she offers that I can carry with me. Anything emotional, uncomfortable, etc. that comes up in certain postures is always reassuringly addressed, acknowledged, and encouraged to release with the breathe. That power still amazes me and leads me to thank myself for signing up after every class.”
-Valerie Stanson

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