3 simple yoga poses to relax you

The mind is powerful. While we can do a lot by just sitting an focusing on the breath, sometimes getting the body involved can exponentially influence the experience. Here are 3 gentle yoga poses that you can add on to the meditation techniques that you learned.

Pose #1: Balasana, Childs Pose

Childs pose is very calming and can bring you physical, emotional, and mental relief! If this pose is uncomfortable for you, try lifting your hips with a folded up blanket and put a block or a sandbag under your forehead (see below). If your ankles hurt on the ground try rolling up a blanket under your ankles (not shown).

Pose#2: Viparita Karani, Legs up the wall pose

Legs up the wall pose is one of my favorite postures. It is so deeply restorative for your body and I often do this posture if I have trouble falling asleep, accompanied by slow breathing and focusing the mind (just like counting sheep!). You can practice this posture with your legs up a wall or if you dont have wall space you can put a block/sandbag/firm cushion underneath your hips so that your legs easily stay upright.

Pose #3: Paschimottanasana, Seated Forward Fold

Folding forward is very therapeutic. It stretches out the entire back side, the western side, of your body. If you have tight hamstrings or lower back pain, roll up a blanket under your knees and you can even prop your arms and head on a chair. This allows you to relax into the pose without strain.

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