Cultivating awareness through movement

Physical movement is something that occurs in our lives daily, but when do we really pay attention to the journey that our body takes to get from point A to point B?

So, try this: Slowly lift and lower your arm and notice the path that your fingers take. You can even watch your fingers as they move. Do you notice a difference in your sense of awareness, and maybe even self-connection? Such a simple gesture can be powerful when you add awareness to it. Now, not to sound like a meditation guru, but movement with a little attention is often a magically sacred experience for me. Even if I’m not “OM-ing”, or praying to a higher being, I’ve found my own inner sense of spiritual connection through the simple act of moving.

Whether I am practicing yoga, performing aerial silks, rock climbing, balancing with another human, or even taking a conscious walk, I find that my senses are heightened, my mind is calm, and my body is energized! I take my yoga with me off the mat and incorporate it into my daily life. Now, to me, those are the things that make life more vibrant.cropped-shutterstock_121643485.jpg

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